Hatha Yoga with Niki
March 9 (Monday) at 9:30

Class length
1 hour
The Studio is Upstairs
Niki will guide you through a traditional Hatha class designed for people who have been attending yoga classes for at least  5 months onwards.  

Students will be given hands-on adjustments to help ease into the poses (Asanas) a little deeper. Her classes start with a gentle Savasana to let you arrive & check-in with yourself before the practice begins. You will then be guided through Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) to warm the body up before being taken through a  warming Hatha practice, where you will be kept in the poses for a few breathes.  There will be repetition within these classes, to bring the students a sense of mastery in the Asanas, so that the attention can be turned inwards to the breath.   The session will be finished with a 10 minute Savasana for  students to ensure  a chance to relax the entire body after the class & ultimately to bring peace to the mind.    

Sorry - that class has already taken place!